Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's Called "Transfering" Not "Touring" For A Reason

As my Auntie N has been so good as to remind me, I've spent four winters up here so far, and still haven't seen the Northern Lights.

Well, technically I have seen our student newspaper by the same name, but it's not what I moved here for, no offense guys.

Also no polar bears, beluga whales, or the Hawaii humpbacks that come up here for summer feeding. I suck at travel, I guess. Instead I've squandered my time with things like new social circles, jobs, and getting another degree. What's up with that?

Big Beach, from the Medium Cliff that
divides Big Beach from Little Beach.
At home I've seen almost every sightseeing destination at least once, and regularly visit many of them. I know all about my island's highlights, and know the place exactly as well as the back of my hand -- mostly familiar, but occasionally forced to reexamine to ascertain freckle-vs-dirt status -- so I guess all I need to do is stay here another 16 years to really get a feel for the place.

*Pffft* SNORT Wahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa. Ahhh, good one. Seriously, I can't wait to move. I've done Eternal Summer, and I've done the Ice Queen's Winter Wonderland...I'm ready for some additional seasons.

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