Thursday, March 10, 2011


At midnight 3/09-3/10, I got one step closer to being a "real" Alaskan. It only took 5 years.

Booyah, Auntie N - done and DONE! I watched for about half an hour through the Subaru's double moon roofs, and played Symphony of Science tracks (my favorite is 'Poetry of Reality') and just generally gasped until the windows fogged. Then wiped them down and did it all over again.


  1. Spectacular. Also, not sure why you deleted the last post. As you know they still appear in RSS Reader though you delete them in your dashboard. I think maybe it is better to erase them, then let the cyberwebs refresh and then delete.

    Incidentally, I threw my neck out looking sideways at your picture to get at ground level with you to see what you look like standing up. I'll be okay - in a month.

    BTW, I rolled you in my last post. Don't call me if you get stalked. You really from Hawaii?

  2. It was meant to be a draft, but I as a master of blog technology, I accidentally posted it the third time I futzed with it. Next time I will ctrl+A+delete, update, then delete post. If that is what you are suggesting I do. Because the other portion of your missive is giving me the doubts as to comprehension...What is this ground-level stuff you say? Is this about my authorial photo? I really do not comprende.

    Many thanks for the roll! I am glutting on blog fame, buahahahahaha. I'm really, truly from the HI. See my fake-FAQ for the sad explanation of my Hawaiian name, which is a boy's. Really helped me blend.

  3. Kana, apparently your blog has gone viral, thanks to your ipod expertise over at Corn Bean. You are way cool and funny!