Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Veggies, Veggies Everywhere, And Not A Thing To Eat

Never did actually manage to eat them
I will eat surprisingly little if the only choices are vegetables.

Even the ones I "like" (lit: will eat without grimacing/gagging) will go manky in their little lunch baggie at my desk during my eight hours at work. It sounds simple; eat a bag of vegetables, be full of things that will wash away without leaving a fat deposit, lose weight. Yes? Pah.
How much easier does it have to be?

I am hungry. Right now. It cramps my tummy. It is real hunger.
The food is in front of me. Bag open. Dippin' sauces ranged beside the bag.

Will I eat it? Absolutely not.

But will my thoughts constantly turn to the horrible processed Lean Pocket I keep in the office refrigerator in case of forgot-my-lunch emergencies? Yes, yes it will. And so I refuse to eat my food. And so I hunger.

Man am I dumb.

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