Monday, June 24, 2013


It's my 100th post. I have no idea what to do with that.

I wanted something great to celebrate this, as I'm unlikely to make it to 500, let alone a 1000 posts and I tried to think of a cool story, or a rant that would honor this one (and probably only) significant landmark post...and I've got nothing.

Which at least means this sort of blankness won't be an issue again. So, wooo.


Monday, June 17, 2013

Everyone's A Little OCD Sometimes...

It's not like we count everything 10 tiii-iii-iimes...
Much love for Avenue Q.

So, we've all got our little neuroticisms...I bet every lady in the 'sphere could name at least 3 things that, if observed by an outsider, would leave her looking ready for the loony bin. Little lines in your psychological sand, personal preferences that have gotten just a little too big for their britches. They're totally optional -- you're not compelled, per se, you'd just really rather it was done a certain way, amirite??? Feel free to share your little isms in the Comments -- we're all human, and thirsty for mutual validation.

Soooo I have a bit of a thing for the concept of stuff "coming out even." This is a single preference/mini-neurosis that I get a lot of crazy-lady mileage out of, because it can come up in so many parts of life; currently, in my gummi vitamins. 

I freakin' love gummi vitamins, yo. No, I'm not gonna marry them, nyurrr, but I would definitely be down for a passionate summer affair and occasional brief but intense liaisons for a couple of years afterwards.

So the fact that the recommended dosage/serving size is two but there's three flavors sent me into the ol' pseudo-OCD perplexity; but how will I make the flavors come out even? So I did the only sensible crazy lady thing I could do, and have been taking three gummis -- one of each flavor -- every time.

And now, as I reach the bottom of the jar -- as yet not poisoned by non-regulation amounts of Vitamin A, C, and D3 -- I have scandalous findings to report: THEY DID NOT PUT IN AN EVEN AMOUNT OF GUMMIS. It's true, friends -- I know, I could scarcely believe it myself. The berry flavor had been seriously underrepresented, understandably so as it is the most medicine-y of the flavors. But the sheer margin of the inequity blew my coming-out-even oriented mind; look at this madness.

And this is where the crazy-looking behavior really kicks in
The fact that I'm blogging this -- even photographing this -- may smack of the need for group coloring sessions in the sun room, no sharp objects and a jacket that buttons up the back, but the fact that I'm calmly and rationally now simply taking the recommended dose means I'm not quite in need of an assisted-living home just yet...and I must admit, if I'd been in charge of a slipshod gummi factory, I think I'd have favored the peach flavor too. Only with acceptance of the flawed nature of reality can one transcend the rigid self-imposed strictures of counting your vitamin flavors; the fact that there's more of "the good kind" only aids that transcendence. We all err; and so, it is best to err on the side of peach.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Eventiversary: Ren Faire

So as you may have read recently, me and my person had a rocky start, but eventually got together at our local Ren Faire. This last weekend was our 6th attendance was rather glorious. Since I'm rubbish at times and dates, we don't really do anniversaries so much as enjoy recreating the early events of our relationship as and when they come up around this time of year. It's a lot of fun, and there seems to be a lot less I-dunno-where-do-you-want-to-eat than usual scheduled anniversary dates. I highly recommend it! It's led me to find great emotional meaning for Cake concerts, storage facility rooftops, and the parking lot of the local Ren Faire.

It's like "our parking lot," or something

 We weren't alone, though; our whole tribe of roommates turned out to see our friend Miss Pants in her first year as an official Pirate Tavern Wench at the Faire! Take a look at these crazy characters.

We make a lot of great first impressions

 So, no real post today; more of a follow-up to the get-together story. But we had a blast, and Alaska's summer is so short, you just haveta carpe that diem when you can! I don't even feel guilty. I'll have something less scrapbooky by next week, I'm sure!

Lively lads

Monday, June 3, 2013

One Of Those Ecard Daze: Procrastinating

Could have sworn I'd goofed off more than that...well, now how am I going to waste my time? This work won't accrete around my desk in impossible densities by itself...OH WAIT. YES IT WILL.