Monday, June 17, 2013

Everyone's A Little OCD Sometimes...

It's not like we count everything 10 tiii-iii-iimes...
Much love for Avenue Q.

So, we've all got our little neuroticisms...I bet every lady in the 'sphere could name at least 3 things that, if observed by an outsider, would leave her looking ready for the loony bin. Little lines in your psychological sand, personal preferences that have gotten just a little too big for their britches. They're totally optional -- you're not compelled, per se, you'd just really rather it was done a certain way, amirite??? Feel free to share your little isms in the Comments -- we're all human, and thirsty for mutual validation.

Soooo I have a bit of a thing for the concept of stuff "coming out even." This is a single preference/mini-neurosis that I get a lot of crazy-lady mileage out of, because it can come up in so many parts of life; currently, in my gummi vitamins. 

I freakin' love gummi vitamins, yo. No, I'm not gonna marry them, nyurrr, but I would definitely be down for a passionate summer affair and occasional brief but intense liaisons for a couple of years afterwards.

So the fact that the recommended dosage/serving size is two but there's three flavors sent me into the ol' pseudo-OCD perplexity; but how will I make the flavors come out even? So I did the only sensible crazy lady thing I could do, and have been taking three gummis -- one of each flavor -- every time.

And now, as I reach the bottom of the jar -- as yet not poisoned by non-regulation amounts of Vitamin A, C, and D3 -- I have scandalous findings to report: THEY DID NOT PUT IN AN EVEN AMOUNT OF GUMMIS. It's true, friends -- I know, I could scarcely believe it myself. The berry flavor had been seriously underrepresented, understandably so as it is the most medicine-y of the flavors. But the sheer margin of the inequity blew my coming-out-even oriented mind; look at this madness.

And this is where the crazy-looking behavior really kicks in
The fact that I'm blogging this -- even photographing this -- may smack of the need for group coloring sessions in the sun room, no sharp objects and a jacket that buttons up the back, but the fact that I'm calmly and rationally now simply taking the recommended dose means I'm not quite in need of an assisted-living home just yet...and I must admit, if I'd been in charge of a slipshod gummi factory, I think I'd have favored the peach flavor too. Only with acceptance of the flawed nature of reality can one transcend the rigid self-imposed strictures of counting your vitamin flavors; the fact that there's more of "the good kind" only aids that transcendence. We all err; and so, it is best to err on the side of peach.


  1. Okay, I buy those same vitamins. And now this is going to drive me crazy. Except I usually take 4-5 vitamins at a time...I can't help it. They're like candy.

    1. Coincidental!

      I like your very carefree/naughty child approach...will take that to heart!

  2. For even flavorage, I would set up a 3 day rotation. What I would do is take one of Flavor 1 and one of Flavor 2 on day 1, then one of Flavor 3 and one of Flavor 1 on day 2, and then one of Flavor 2 and one of Flavor 3 on day 3. And repeat. But that only accounts for evenly dispersed flavors.

    Uneven flavor dispersal should be banned. Bummer, lady.

    1. You're the lady with the plan! And now I have Calcium ones, too, in 3 different flavors from the regular ones. I just cannot even. :P

  3. SUPER freaking annoying...BUT then again VERY smart on the company's part, right? SO in order to take that last dose you have to buy a WHOLE NEW jar of gummies...seeeeeeee? Very sneaky, Big Vitamin Corporation...