Wednesday, November 21, 2012

With The Power Of My Mind

Poor tiny puffballs
Every year, October becomes the battleground of my passionate, if newly-made, seasonal convictions: Your costume should not be covered by a parka. You do not trick-or-treat past snowmen. THERE IS NO SNOWING ON HALLOWEEN.

Alaska does not agree.

Snow, snow, inevitable snow. It usually starts to dust in late September, early October -- but that first attack better land hard, because after that, my guards is up -- and I hold the inevitable forces of Winter at bay, with the power of my mind.

Yeah, I'm crazy. It's okay, you can say it. I know.

But perhaps losing your mind strengthens it, because although it's now solidly November there's still only about 2 inches of snow on the ground -- held back, ostensibly, by my awesome no-snow brain powers. Admittedly, Winter and I got through October in a tense standoff where there was no snow because it was too cold to snow, but it warmed up and got down to business a bit since November rolled around...but not up to Alaska's usual ha-ha-screw-you standard. Did I, like, break it?

What year is it??

The grass is bare, exposed, yet frozen solid -- if you walk on it, it breaks with a gritty crunch. You could mow your lawn by shuffling. Fallen leaves are preserved without decay in icy casings. It's like we put Fall on ice up here in the land of the Ragin' Anchor. I'm starting to fear my own powers; I'm going to end up a Batman villain if I don't watch it.


  1. Snow is so rare around here that nobody knows what to do when it happens. I don't care much for our extreme heat, but I'd hate to have to deal with snow on a regular basis... unless I could stick around the house and not ever have to drive in it.

  2. Ok, Kana, can you use your awesome no-snow brain powers to fend off the snow here in Blow-Hio? Although we are having a very mild season so far. Thank you, apocalypse.

    1. El Kana will be the new weather phenomenon taking the world by storm, or lack thereof!

  3. It makes me a little bit sad that I've only known trick-or-treating in full winter gear.

  4. We can be Batman villains together, then. Awesome. ^_^

    Side note: it doesn't snow on Halloween here in Vancouver. In fact, Vancouver has perfect fall weather around Halloween.

    *innocent look*