Monday, November 5, 2012

Oh, The Human - Uh - Tea

So, this is our obese baby bear cat. Lola.

Class act, I know
She does cat things -- lays on shit; demands food and attention; makes terrible, terrible things in the litter box -- you know, all that good cat stuff. However, she also has a hobby. A worrying, and somehow strangely refined, hobby.

She drinks tea. Tea of Human.

To clarify, this is not Human Tea like "Look, she's eating People Food, how adorable" -- she drinks hot water in which people have been steeped.

Okay, it's also referred to as bathwater.

Or rather, shower water; she hops into the tub right after we've showered, and laps at the little puddles. She looks up at me, licking her little chops while I towel off...highly unsettling. It's not exactly a taste for blood, but if she starts licking me at night I'm gonna sleep with the door locked. She already tries to suffocate me at night by sleeping on my face. If I don't post after a few weeks, direct the authorities to check the catbox. Tell them to bring a gas mask.


  1. Hmmmmm, do you use delectable soaps or something?

  2. All of my cats have done this. According to a vet I visited at one point it has to do with them seeking out flavored water since their ancestors' water in the wild was filled with vitamins and minerals (which had tastes) which were good for them, so since all our kitties these days get is tap water they seek out flavored water. Or something like that. Or maybe you just taste delicious.

  3. If human skin contained the active ingredient, she'd be licking you rather than shower puddles. I suspect it's the limescale on the floor of your shower that she wants.

    Sleeping on your face is typical cat behaviour - I think they like being nuzzled by a human nose. You don't have a pointy nose, do you?

  4. The funny part about this is that one of my coworkers was talking about this very thing this morning. My parents cat also does the same thing!

  5. So gross. SO GROSS. Mine won't even go near the shower. She's too afraid.

    Okay, this face sleeping thing scares me. Tooooooo close for comfort.

  6. One of my previous cats was too impatient and would come in the shower with me. If I closed the door with him on the other side and started the shower, he'd take a running start and throw himself bodily against the door so he could burst in and laugh in my surprise-horror struck face and lick his shower victory off the tiled walls.