Thursday, November 1, 2012

Countdown To Possibility

It's sort of a sad joke how many times I've missed a day and had to do the old two-the-next-day dance, more of an expensive habit of self-denial that this is actually a form of birth control and not just recreational pill-swallowing...but the real point here is I inevitably had to peel off that little strip of reordered days to make the pill calendar match reality, and now it starts on Friday. Pretty bass-ackwards, right? Except, as expected*, I started reading into it way too much. Are you ready? Here we go!

It's a countdown to the nascency of fun.  Not a countdown to the weekend per se, as that would involve the sticker starting on Monday. Nor to weekend nights and all they entail; that would be the standard start on Sunday that comes on the package. This is something a little more esoteric.

Everyone who gets as ramped up about Christmas as I do (I've already started singing the songs) knows, the best part of Christmas isn't Christmas Day; it's Christmas Eve. Having sung songs, shopped, cooked, decorated and sung some more for 24 days, one reaches a beautifully cider-simmering fever pitch that culminates on the Eve, where all preparations and adult organization disintegrates back into straight-up childhood anticipation. Even with all the gift receipts wadded in your bag, you're still thinking: Ohboyohboyohboy SANTA'S COMING.

It's not the actual gifts, or food; it's the anticipation of them. Reality hardly ever compares to the fantasy of what's just around the corner. So in theory the most exciting day of the week is Friday, when you can't wait to clock out, get home, and start having all that fun. My bizarro personal calendar counts down through those disappointing non-Fridays, so that when I reach the start of a new row, I feel like I'm at the peak of some great precipice of promise, about to take the plunge back down into mediocrity. It lends a certain inertia to the workweek, I must say. In an almost terminal feedback loop, I am now starting to get excited on Thursdays for the exciting nascency of Fridays. Told you I'd read way to much into this.

*Author's Note: It is weirdly difficult to write expect after except. Watch out for that one.


  1. The way to break the endless cycle of anticipation and anticlimax is to appreciate the Monday. When you can appreciate the Monday you're on the path to Nirvana.

  2. Years ago, I can remember the anticipation of Christmas, now I dread it like the plague. I don't remember ever having it for the pill.

  3. Thank you for reminding me to take my pill :)

    Christmas eve is my favorite day of the year! This is why I hate Thanksgiving. Because the only result of all of the anticipation and hard work is fucking dishes.

  4. I totally agree with you on this! Christmas Eve is the best. All the hard work is done and the fun is JUST starting. And Fridays are definitely the best day of the week!