Monday, April 15, 2013

Calloo Callay, I Made A Purse Yesterday

Creativity went a bit more of a tactile route last weekend, and instead of a thought-provoking or entertaining blog post, a cute purse was were many needle pokes, a few tears, and many swear words. In fact, that would be my advertisement if I ever went all craft-fair-y (if honesty were ever the best policy in business, that is): A Swear Word In Every Stitch! Lovingly hand-crafted personal receptacles with matching expletives. But don't let that fool you; I am sooo happy with how the little thing turned out. It's mah bebbeh.

Almost laughable, now, looking back on it
It started out really simple; I tell ya, denial is the most important step in beginning a project like this. I came up with a basic design and executed it -- and that was about the first eighth of the actual journey. I ended up buying a stiff material to put in to help it keep its squared shape, and these crazy wooden handles to help distribute the lifting force off a single point on either side of the bag. I did my first-ever inner liner to hide the stiff material, which ended up being awesome as far as improving the professionality of the bag's appearance; I even got to put in 2 inside patch pockets whose stitches didn't have to mar the exterior of the bag, sewn onto the liner layer before it was stitched into the rest of the bag! Plus, all the unfinished edges were hidden, and it added tensile strength to the handle-attachment points. So much better than my last effort.

The Anchorage Costco's fabulous transvestite greeter complimented my bag, asked me where I got it; it was the highlight of my weekend, proudly saying that I'd made it. Hir reaction made my day, and I was still suffering from spontaneous puppy-wiggles of delight an hour after hir booming praise. Totally worth all the needle-pokes.


  1. Dang girl! You definitely have some skills. I can't even repair a tear in a shirt let alone make something useful and pretty like this! When does the etsy shop open?!?

  2. I'm very impressed - it looks great but are you confident of its robustness? I'd hate to see it fall apart the first time you went through a revolving door. And how come you're so slim when you were prattling on about dieting and such?

  3. That looks awesome!! You should sell these!!

  4. Damn girl. You craft good. :)


    i am not so good at the diy craft thing. ARGH. i generally end up angry and irritated. some of us are better off buying! lol. but it is REALLY satisfying when one can make things oneself. REALLY satisfying, so sometimes i try. sometimes!

  6. I heartily approve. :-)

    I "felted" a crow onto a thrift store scarf the other day. My husband's reaction? "Is it supposed to look like that?"

    Ah -- the loving support of one's family...


  7. It looks AMAZING. well done! I feel the same way about knitting. I mostly swear through every stitch. But I do like doing it - knitting, not swearing.