Friday, February 25, 2011

Room With A View

Outside, looking in...and up...and UP...
It is always cold at work. I thought last year that, surely, come summer I could finally stop trying to come up with new layering combinations. But no; summer has come and gone, and  The building is one of those made-entirely-out-of-mirrored-windows deals, and that does have trouble with insulation. Just crank up the heat courtesy of Big Government, right? The State building should not be cold! Hah. We are trapped in the lee of our own parking garage, and the other side of the floor – the bastards who get a view – are fine, just fine with the heat. While us Shadow People have to wear ski vests at work.


Inside looking out -- at THE VIEW
...Although, we do have the added benefit of knowing the leaving schedule of every other worker on our floor. They give away their precious secrets by coming over to the Shadow Side, walking to the mouths of one of our cubicles, and instead of speaking to the denizen within who looks up so expectantly, the visitor gazes blankly past the poor fool's right ear to auto-start their cars through our windows. We’ll use this to our advantage someday -- you just wait, Light Side People!!


  1. Oh Kana-who-was-formerly-known-as-Ashen...

    Yes, I do remember you, and had always wondered where you'd wandered off to. As I no longer saw you on IM, and your blogs were dead, there was no way to extend that contact again -- and yet even here, there scant scant ways to contact you to leave an email address that isn't in the more "public" sphere.

    My IM information is unchanged; should you not remember those you could leave me a contact address in the same way you left the announcement of your emergence from the subzero chrysalis you've been in for the past few years. :)

    I look forward to re-establishing our connection and beginning anew our plans of dastardly do-baddery -- perhaps even a jaunt together in the mythical land known as WoW that I've seen a mention or two of on your other posts. Bwa. Ha. Ha.

  2. Agreed! There shall be questing, bygods! I have a guild I run with, we can dungeon if you wish. Anything in the 40ish range?

  3. Oh my, 40's? You're just a BABY. :)

    Here's my main character.

    Send me a direct mail, the first part of my evil name at the gmail.

    We'll need to see what realm you play on. It would be amazingly coincidental if we happened to have characters on the same realm, anyway -- so we'd need to set up characters on each other's realms. :)

  4. Laugh it up, fuzzball - my future's all still ahead of me, and glory awaits! And your scary glowing skeleton man appears to be chewing on his own shoulder pad. I'd get that looked at if I were you. :P

  5. Hm, this was something I didn't notice. Without the helm it looks ok. But hey! Delicious Shoulders!