Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beyond the Pale...Palin, That Is

As a life-form daring to attempt life within the state of Alaska, I must of course address the Palin topic, if only to forestall any questions. She has become a proud part of the Alaskan Stereotypes Pantheon, alongside things like the Smiling Eskimo and the ol' odds-are-good-but-the-goods-are-odd chestnut. Just like the rest of the Pantheon, the Palin Mama Bear, Queen of the North thing is inaccurate, outdated, and sort of insulting. Remember that days when the media ignored ignorance, instead of putting it on every hour, on the hour? ...Actually, yeah, me neither. I dunno, I'm only in my twenties. Maybe that golden age existed, or maybe I'm just remembering how happy I was before I could vote, and didn't have to sort of keep up with current politics.

Woman is a hot hick mess, but really shouldn't be given anymore attention in any forum, even in a one-time blog post; she's just not news anymore. She tried to be the Vice-President, couldn't even deal with being a governor after that, and scored a sweet stay-at-home newscaster position. Other than congratulating her on getting what is possibly the easiest job in the country, there's nothing to say. I don't know if she'd know what sinecure would mean anyway.

I'm not clear on why she needs to be on everyone else's news programs as well as her own, but as far as the people I know here in Anchorage - Republicans and Democrats alike - nobody talks about her. The entire concept has been sealed into an embarrassed silence that is all she really deserves at this point. It's like an embarrassing relative who's making a scene out in the yard; we know she's making us look bad, but some of us still care about her, and nobody's interested in getting into a fight about something that is far easier ignored. I just wish the rest of the nation could do the same. She really has gone beyond the pale, and all we can ask our neighbors in the Lower 48 is...we're so sorry, please ignore her.

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