Friday, April 29, 2011

Month 3: Blog Evaluation -- I Should Not Become President

At least I can check off that I checked in
Much like our poor leader's Presidency, a couple months of posting is long enough to evaluate a blog; on how the rest of it is going to go, and what choices were actually mistakes masquerading as policy decisions. I'm re-thinking the amount of posts Right now I usually do weekdays, no Fridays, with an occasionally employed "eff it" contingency, but I still seem to be putting way more in than I'm getting out. With all the other projects I try to get into daily, the cost-benefit ratio is definitely listing off the port bow. From now on, I guess I'll do a once-a-week posting, and if response continues to be so low, I'll rethink the whole Presidency -- I mean, uh, blog -- thing entirely.


  1. Damn, I will miss reading your posts every day. It was an entertaining while, even though I was not actively contributing it was like I got to talk to you a little bit every day. I do understand the reasoning for your infrequency. Hope it takes an upward turn!

  2. Sad face. But you gotta do what ya gotta do.

  3. Sad face with Linlah! PS. I commented on a TON of blogs and networked like crazy to get readers. It's like a job, one which you might not have time for.

    PS. Like your summertime blog outfit!