Monday, January 14, 2013

Follow-Up: Alice's Stairs

I find it daunting now
During my trip home for the holidays, I stopped off at the high school campus of my Mountain Dew adventure; I wanted to see how big those stairs really had been. They come up to about my armpit now, so props to MiniKana; she really knew how to pick 'em. Ridiculous, you say? Vomitous, even? Challenge accepted!

I never thought of myself as an adventurous child; I never played rough,or broke a bone. But when almost everything's bigger than you are, I suppose your sense of perspective errs on the ambitious side.

I didn't try to climb them; I was wearing restrictive jeans from horsebackriding, and other grown-up, my Mom was waiting in the car, and was already concerned about my mental health because of my request to come visit a high school I never attended while home on vacation.
It's just a statue of kids standing on each other's shoulders, promise
I couldn't resist a perspective shot, though - Oh, as eponymous Alice once said, How I've grown!

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  1. So I'm pretty sure those are the stairs at the front of my Alma Mater.