Thursday, October 18, 2012

Early Mornings As A Baby Rabbit

Early mornings have a terrible mystery all their own - what are they for? Why should I ever have to live through one? Especially on a Thursday. I could never get the hang of Thursdays.

Thursday is the day we get up extra early to drive a friend to school before work, and you could call it a favor but it's more of a punishment. In the mornings, I am not a person. Not that I'm a grouchy or unkind person, you understand, I'm just genuinely not a homonid that early in the morning. Probably due to those mysterious early-morning forces. Regardless, if asked to rise before 7 am, I will indeed rise (eventually), but not as a human. Not as a woman, not as a child. I am, in fact, a baby rabbit.


My poor friend endures the puffy-eyed squinting, the inability to understand or adapt to last-minute changes in schedule, the awkward silences that come after he asks me questions more complex than "Food?" (Yes) and "Go?" (No). It gets him to class, while his car and wife are far away -- but I bet that as soon as any other arrangement can be found, he'll take it. Baby rabbits are cute(ish), but not when they're 5' 7''. And I think he was kind of hoping for someone who could see out of both eyes.


  1. I don't do mornings and heaven help anyone that has to suffer through me, on the rare occasions I do have to be awake. (I normally head for bed somewhere between 4 and 6am)

  2. oof. early mornings are no picnic!

    years ago a neighbor/friend and i would go for a walk each work day at about 5:30 am. it was TORTURE. sure a walk feels great, but getting up early is horrid. and being expected to TALK and CARRY A CONVERSATION at that time of day is just ludicrous!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not only is this a wonderfully original analogy, you found the perfect picture to go with it! Bravo. I'd like to view the baby rabbit on from a distance and for scientific/sociological study.

    1. It doesn't do much, but you're welcome to try...if you can get it to eat a baby carrot without dying, you get your doctorate. :)

  4. having read on ... I see you created that image! Even better! And on = only