Monday, February 18, 2013

Simple Pleasures Part 5: Through Sweet & Out The Other Side

Some things just go together, like cookies and milk. But it just doesn't work out the way you want it to, and you're forced to compromise with something weird. And then, develop a taste for that other, weirder, thing.

Like, you're at a party, and there's the usual party stuff there; high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, orange dye number six. You've got your slice of cake, piled high with that terrible frosting. And after one bite of that unnatural sensory attack, you're desperate for a drink -- but all they have are sodas. Check the cooler again; not so much as a bottled water. There's nothing you can do; crack, fizz, gulp. Palate cleansed. Also, you now have diabetes.

It's so sweet on sweet, one cancels the other out somehow. You know you just had a drink so sweet any other era of American history would have considered a canned dessert, but in the face of that Sheet Cake Blitz its somehow oddly tasteless. It's an strange sensation, like you've gone so deep into the Zone of Sweet that you've passed through, into some distant and unknown territory beyond.

Take me to a better (bitter?) place

I got a taste for that sweet, sweet unsweetness. And now sometimes...just sometimes...when I am passed the party cake -- or the doughnut, or whatever -- I deliberately crack open a soda, and travel to that distant land beyond the realm of sweet. On purpose, yo. Because I'm a sensory voyager. And I luuuuv the diuh-beetuz.


  1. I saw a program, you can watch it on youtube, but anyway: a can of soda has 12 tablespoons of sugar in it.

    I. KNOW.

  2. I have to tell you that I am normally a pretty healthy eater...
    *ducks head in shame*
    I LOVE bakery cake with buttercream icing.LOVE it.
    So I know the sweet-upon-sweet of which you speak. I swear, my tongue tingles with joy when I eat it.
    Jeez.. I gave myself diabetes just writing this.

  3. Chocolate chip chocolate pancakes with chocolate syrup and maple syrup and fudge.

    1. The student must bow to the master. Hai, Sensei!

  4. I had a cupcake last week with so much sugary frosting it made my teeth hurt. That CAN NOT be good.

    ps - I always try to reply back to the comments you leave me but there is no email address! I'll try to remember to reply directly to the comment on the post ;-)

    1. Comments forevahz! I live for 'em.

      Wonder why it's being difficult - I put in the obligatory email, because Blogger was all so very "omg*mandatory!" about it. A conflict in our BLogger setups, mayhaps...but our "reply" comments will live on. Like Titanic. Onnn and onnnnnn...