Friday, September 21, 2012

Simple Pleasures Part 3: Heliotransfolium

And see that limning action at the bottom? That's hot.
For those of us to whom ancient Greek roots are "like Greek to me, man", rest easy; it's as simple as sunlight through leaves. We've all seen it, right? That wonderfully alive sort of green glowing with the richness of syrupy golden afternoon sunlight that makes actual, factual gold seem a cold dead facsimile indeed. It is a vision of vibrancy and wealth far past any inert metal, because this is the color of something alive, and in the act of living as hard as it can. The fact that I could find no word for that beautiful sight nagged at me like a toothache. There's no helping it; one had to be made. Introducing:

With helio meaning 'sun' and trans meaning 'through', and foli of course meaning 'leaves', barring any grammatical or syntactic crosscultural differences, this should be seen as a legit word; in that it successfully communicates its message, at least. However, I totally made this up in  a few minutes by Googling ancient Greek roots, so if you see any hitches in my giddyup, please let me know. And, until proven otherwise, enjoy your new word! Just in time for Fall, too; am I good, or am I good? You're welcome.


  1. I plan to drop that into conversation today and watch the strange look wash across my friends' faces. I shall say I'm studying Kanaology :)

    1. Awww! It's a cruise course, good for a GPA-boost - tell me if they pass it off with a "Yeah," like they totally know that word. It would imply a high readership, if it wasn't for the high posership...

  2. I'm a word geek, and so are my 3 boys: they will love this one.


  3. Beautiful! I love it. Verily, I shall use it in casual conversation. :)

  4. Damn. I thought that shit was scientific and real. I will so pull this out and impress and amaze. But also - very nice post. Beautiful writing.