Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shoes: The Effect Of A Blog, The Topic Of A Blog

And also something to wear on your feet!

 So I got Linlah's box right away...har har har, I know, "that's what she said". Geez, you guys are so immature.

However, moving, and then procrastinating on unpacking, had to come first.
 I opened it eventually...and yes, I totally used my own blog as a backdrop to their photo op. Let no one say I let self-promotion opportunities go to waste.
Click to enlarge for at-home forensic creepering

By my super-nifty crime lab detection methods of looking-with-eyes, I deduced that Linlah, or someone in her life, has dark curly hair. Can you spot the evidence, boys and girls? You too can be a stalker-creeper,  if you eat all your vegetables and listen to ca-razy Auntie Kana!

 She also sent a card. It was sweet, humorous, featured a sandwich, and had money in. It was a LOT of money. This is my favorite kind of card.

Thus inspired, I then proceeded to get a little...carried away. BUAHAHA.

When the dust settled, there were seedy pics taken of seed-themed shoes. Well, nuts/seeds.

I don't mind telling you, I had a devil of a time coming up with the cartoon, line-drawing representation of a pine cone. SRSLY. Real devils came to persecute for my sins in life, and were all like, "Oh, sorry. I didn't realize you had already been helped."

 Lola-Pants really enjoyed the interesting niffs the packing material provided her -- and the crinkly wonder that is a plastic shopping bag is always appreciated.

Through further stalker-forensics, I detected NOT ONLY what chain store outlets are in Linlah's general area, but which ones she's made purchases at. I am good, guys -- at being a skeezy creeper, at least!


  1. Those bags are hilarious but the shoes rock. And I've received sooooo many compliments. Also, your pinecones are the bomb.

  2. Way to be a creeper, Kana! Those shoes do look pretty darn amazing, I'm impressed. Getting in touch every now and again is definitely better than not hearing from one another months on end, ey? I'm sure we'll get that whole communication thing right some day.