Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sub-Post: Follow-Up of the "Goodbye Tone"

Facebook is going through some tough times right now, deciding whether or not their IM chat should be worth a shit or not, and currently lacks the ability to let be in "invisible" mode. I'm not an IMer. I just wanna check Facebook without getting into four spontaneous, contentless conversations by people I'm just digitally bumping into. So as I am ensnared, a window pops up from the friend of a child of an old room-mate (keeping up?) of mine:

Leilani  8 minutes ago
    • Hi Kana

kana 8 minutes ago
    • hi lei!

Leilani  8 minutes ago
    • are you by tori?

kana  6 minutes ago
    • sorry, hon. I haven't seen Tori in a long time. She's not back to Alaska yet.

Leilani  5 minutes ago
    • nope
    • well i'm going to get off and do something else ttyl

kana about 1 minute ago
    • k bye!
And that's it, folks. She was gone like the wind.   If everyone was just that blithe and ingenuous -- and it wasn't considered odd, but rather the norm -- I think we'd have up to 15% more free time in each day.

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