Thursday, June 2, 2011

Apologies and Excuses

Sorry it's been so long...apologies, excuses and updates time!

See? Safe and sound on the peak of Mt. Holyshit
Linlah, I got your package. I'll get to it someday, in a far future where I accomplish all goals and remember all promises. Until then, I'm keeping it prominently displayed so I don't forget.

It sits in the rubble of my personal Utopia - we're moving, and crumbling brown cardboard boxes stack high like city buildings, and (with)hold everything I own. Theoretically. Someday I will know where things are again.

First, I was sick. I coughed so hard I pushed my tampon out. And remember, guys -- if that was disgusting and traumatic to read, at least you didn't have to try living it.

Then it was moving time. Five straight days of hard labor and cleaning. Short tempers, dust, and arguing about what to keep as we downsize to a smaller house, oh my. We seriously scared the poor GCI guy, who didn't know we'd been reduced to serfs of the field and tried to talk to us like we were modern homo sapiens.

We are moved, but not unpacked. And now have to return to work, remembering how to dress professionally, recall what "appropriate" means and try to confrom to it, and pretend we're not living in a canyon of boxes, which I posit is just as savage as living in a box canyon. Subtle but different. Some day soon, blogging will truly resume. Until then...a clipart pic of bugs and dandelions!


  1. I'm sure that package is the least of your worries what with the canyon and the coughing. Glad to know the package made it and that you're feeling better.

    Love the dandelions and dragonflies.

  2. Love your summer look! I hope you are feeling better and can get back to blogging soon!